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About Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a database application developed by Microsoft Office. Access offers a graphical interface that allows you to easily set up a database.

The integration

BrightAnalytics connects seamlessly to Microsoft Access and any additional accounting, ERP or CRM systems. BrightAnalytics centralizes all data in one single tool and allows you to endlessly combine these numbers to produce the most valuable insights.

The data from Microsoft Access (and any additional systems) is transformed into clear and interactive dashboards, graphs, and reports on the BrightAnalytics platform. This creates a visual layer on top of all data, and generates a 360° overview of your organization and its performance. Both financial and operational KPIs can be accessed at any time and any place.

Discover the various reporting options in BrightAnalytics:

And much more!

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Connecting valuable data

BrightAnalytics already connects with more than 150 applications, and is creating more all the time! Didn’t find your connector? Let us know and we’ll get right on it!

“Det faktum, at BrightAnalytics kan tilsluttes til stort set alle regnskabspakker, var en ekstra bonus for os.”
– Tom Bolsens, finansdirektør
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