BrightAnalytics celebrates fifth anniversary with opening of Dutch office.

VOKA – Because a lot of Dutch customers were knocking on the door, the partners decided to open an office in Rotterdam.

Being able to consult the most recent financial and operational figures in the blink of an eye is very useful for CFOs, CEOs and other stakeholders in a company. It is one of the reasons for the expansion of BrightAnalytics, which developed a software platform for this purpose. Since a lot of Dutch clients were knocking on the door, partners Lode Bogaert, Merijn Demuynck and Olivier Seynhaeve decided to open an office in Rotterdam.

“We want to keep speaking the language of the market.”
Lode Bogaert, Merijn Demuynck & Olivier Seynhaeve, Founders

The 3 partners all have a professional past at Accent Jobs, where they spontaneously felt the entrepreneurial bug. Seven years ago they took the step. “We first worked as consultants for 2 years,” Lode Bogaert clarifies. “That gave us a chance to get a feel for the market and to know what was going on. We noticed that there was a great demand among medium-sized companies for an efficient platform for management reporting. In 2014, we launched exactly that under the name BrightAnalytics.

Corporate performance management

Bull’s-eye, as it turned out. “With our solution, we are not really aiming at business analysts, who work with business intelligence tools for the purpose of ad hoc reporting. Our system is primarily suited to ‘corporate performance management’, with which we serve end users (CEOs, CFOs, branch managers, etc.). It is a very user-friendly platform, free from any complexity, which can actually be consulted by anyone with certain permission and which lends itself well to checking to what extent a company is achieving its KPIs,” Merijn Demuynck adds.

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Source: Voka Entrepreneurs, 30/10/2019